Smails, A Ceramic Set
Part of the Letterhouse Series

The Letterhouse series is a collection of objects that translate the concept of manual letter-writing as a decelerating and unpacking practice in the navigation of fast information.


Smails, along with a foldable writing-paper set and writing desk Raksti, translates this concept of ‘sorting information’ in this case into the language of ceramics. Through its connecting shape, the ceramic set encourages the user to stack the vessels: You stack the dishes and actively free space on the table surface and on your mind.


The Letterhouse series the a Bachelor project developed by Charly Blödel in the Communications design Bachelor department at the Hochschule Mainz in Germany in 2016. The ceramics for Smails were produced under guidance of ceramics tutor Rudite Jecabsone in Babite, Latvia.

»The writer has to write to himself simultaneously, as, through the letter, he will get acquainted with himself.«

Clemens Brentano